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Funnel Area Charts



Learn about Funnel Area Charts, a powerful visual representation that combines the features of funnel and area charts. Discover how they help analyze data and make informed decisions. Create your Funnel Area Charts effortlessly with SumoPPM's AI Dashboard Generator.

Funnel Area Charts are an innovative and effective way to visualize data patterns and trends. They combine the characteristics of both funnel charts and area charts, providing a comprehensive view of data progression and cumulative values. In this guide, we will explain what Funnel Area Charts are, their benefits, and provide ten practical examples of their usage.

What is a Funnel Area Chart?

A Funnel Area Chart displays data in a funnel-like shape while incorporating the cumulative values as an area graph. It represents the progressive reduction or conversion of data through different stages or categories, highlighting both the individual segment widths and the cumulative area beneath the funnel.


Benefits of Funnel Area Charts:

1. Clear Visualization: Funnel Area Charts offer a visually engaging representation of data, making it easy to comprehend patterns and trends.

2. Comprehensive Insight: They provide a holistic view of data progression and cumulative values within each stage or category.

3. Comparison and Analysis: Funnel Area Charts enable quick comparisons between stages and facilitate in-depth analysis of conversion rates or performance metrics.

4. Identifying Bottlenecks: By visually highlighting areas of significant drop-off, Funnel Area Charts help identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

5. Decision Making: They assist in making data-driven decisions by providing a visual representation of key metrics and trends.


Examples of Funnel Area Chart Usage:

1. Sales Pipeline: Analyzing the conversion rates and value of leads at each stage in the sales process.

2. Customer Journey: Tracking the progression of customers from initial contact to purchase or conversion.

3. Marketing Funnel: Assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns at various stages, from awareness to customer acquisition.

4. Website Analytics: Monitoring user behavior and conversion rates at different stages of the website funnel, such as page visits, sign-ups, and purchases.

5. Recruitment Process: Visualizing the number of candidates at each stage, from applications to job offers, to optimize the hiring process.

6. Product Adoption: Tracking user engagement and conversion rates at various stages of onboarding and product usage.

7. Event Registration: Analyzing registration numbers and conversion rates at different stages of event promotion and sign-up process.

8. Fundraising Campaign: Evaluating the effectiveness of fundraising efforts by visualizing donor engagement and contribution levels.

9. Subscription Services: Monitoring customer acquisition and retention rates at different stages of the subscription lifecycle.

10. Lead Generation: Assessing the effectiveness of lead generation strategies and conversion rates across multiple channels.


Creating a Funnel Area Chart in SumoPPM:

To create a Funnel Area Chart effortlessly, access SumoPPM's AI Dashboard Generator and simply request, "Please, create a Funnel Area Chart..." SumoPPM will automatically generate the chart based on your provided data. Enjoy the efficiency and speed of data visualization and analysis that SumoPPM offers.



Funnel Area Charts are a powerful tool for visualizing data progression and cumulative values. By combining the features of funnel and area charts, they provide comprehensive insights, facilitate comparisons, and aid decision-making processes. Unlock the potential of Funnel Area Charts by utilizing SumoPPM's AI Dashboard Generator and experience efficient data analysis like never before.

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