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Sunburst Charts



A Sunburst chart is a captivating and informative visual tool that helps you understand hierarchical data structures and their proportions. It presents data in a circular form, resembling the rings of a tree or the layers of an onion.

Imagine you have a dataset with categories and subcategories, such as product categories and their specific variations. A Sunburst chart allows you to visualize this hierarchical data by representing each category as a ring and each subcategory as a segment within that ring.


The outermost ring of the Sunburst chart represents the main category, while the inner rings represent subcategories. The size of each segment within the rings represents the proportion or weight of that subcategory within its respective category.


By examining the Sunburst chart, you can easily grasp the hierarchical relationships and proportions between categories and subcategories. The chart provides a clear visual representation of the overall structure of the data, highlighting the dominant categories and their subcategories.


Sunburst charts are valuable because they simplify complex hierarchical data, making it easy to explore and understand the relationships within the dataset. They find applications in various fields, including market research, organizational structures, and data visualization, enabling you to analyze and communicate the composition and relationships within your data effectively.


To create a Sunburst chart in SumoPPM, you can utilize the AI Dashboard Generator by simply using the command "Create a Sunburst Chart..." SumoPPM will automatically generate the Sunburst chart based on your data, allowing you to effortlessly explore and analyze hierarchical structures.


Experience the power of data analysis in a new era by requesting a trial of SumoPPM at: Discover the transformative capabilities of Sunburst charts, empowering you to gain insights into complex hierarchical data, explore relationships, and make informed decisions with ease.

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