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No Code, No Formulas: Simplify Your Data Analysis Workflow.

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Alerts and Reports: Stay Informed. Anytime. Anywhere.

Stay ahead of your project's progress with SumoPPM's robust alerts and reports feature. Receive real-time updates, insightful reports, and timely alerts directly in your inbox. Whether you're tracking key metrics, monitoring project milestones, identifying risks, or analyzing data, our tool keeps you informed and in control.


Efficiently extract, transform, and load data from multiple sources into a data warehouse, streamlining data integration and facilitating analysis.

Business Intelligence

Transform data into actionable insights through intuitive visualizations, interactive dashboards, and advanced analytics.


Effortlessly Sync Your Data Across Jira, Trello, Salesforce, and More.

SumoPPM takes data synchronization to the next level by offering seamless integration with popular platforms such as Jira, Trello, Salesforce, and many others. Say goodbye to manual data transfer and hello to automated synchronization that saves you time and ensures accuracy across all your data sources.

Import Data

Streamline the importing data process into Excel or CSV format with an intuitive and seamless experience. Start analyzing your data effortlessly with just a few clicks.


Unlock new dimensions of ownership and trust by harnessing NFTs' decentralized storage capabilities. With cutting-edge encryption technology using AES-256, transform your data into secure and unalterable NFTs, guaranteeing integrity like never before.

Audit Hub

Simplify the process of conducting audits on dashboard construction with ease and efficiency. With SumoPPM, a cutting-edge blockchain platform, data traceability is revolutionized to ensure unparalleled transparency. Seamlessly track and verify data sources, providing a robust framework for conducting audits and instilling confidence in constructing your dashboards.

Charts & Tables

We at SumoPPM understand the importance of data visualization in extracting meaningful insights and making informed decisions. We proudly  offer a complete suite of over 35 dynamic charts and tables  designed to cater to diverse analytical need


The protection of your personal data is our utmost concern. To ensure your security, we implement end-to-end encryption and use advanced 256-bit AES encryption technology. Furthermore, we assure you that we do not use your data to train our artificial intelligence models, nor is it shared with third parties under any circumstances.

We integrate into your ecosystem.

If you require additional functionalities, integrations, or a tailor-made solution, get in touch with us. SumoPPM offers an Enterprise version that enables seamless integration and full customization to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our team will provide you with the perfect solution to optimize your workflow and achieve your goals. Contact us today and discover how SumoPPM can revolutionize your project management experience.

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